Friends of Winedale

Board members at the decorating event in December thanking outgoing Board Member Mary Belle Rogers  for her years of service to Friends of Winedale. Left to right:  Tricia Blakistone, Volunteer Coordinator, Jan Hughes, Ginny Elverson Welch, Mary Belle Rogers, and Paulina van Bavel Kearney


The Friends of Winedale is a non-profit corporation organized to perform charitable activities within the meaning of a 501(c)3 and Texas Tax Code Section 11.1(c).

Its specific purposes are:
1) To develop funding for the restoration, preservation, and responsible maintenance of the properties, collections, buildings and grounds of the Winedale Historical Complex (Winedale).
2) To support and foster educational programs, symposia, conferences, seasonal festivals, concerts, exhibits, scholars in residence, and other similar and dissimilar cultural activities open to the public that make use of Winedale’s resources.
3) To support use of Winedale’s properties, collections, buildings and grounds to enhance understanding of the cultural achievements and contributions of the many ethnic groups active in nineteenth century Texas.
4) To develop an active base of volunteers to work on Winedale’s programs and projects.


Friends of Winedale was founded in August of 2014 to assist the University by raising the necessary supplementary funds. We are an all-volunteer group of interested people, resident both locally and in nearby cities, who have come together to support this unique place and its collections.

Board of Directors

Sue Foster, Co-President
Jennifer Callaway, Co-President
Jan Hughes, Vice-President
Paulina Van Bavel Kearney, Secretary
Ed Ellis, Jr., Treasurer
Gloria J. Hickey, Historian
Linda Plant, Past President

David Collins
Suzanne Ellis
Babette Hale
Russell Miller
Carolyn Oevermann
Jim Wagner
Virginia Waldvogel
Ginny Elverson Welch

Advisory Board

JoAnn and Jim (Doc) Ayres
Wayne Bell
Henk Bergen
Debbie Gummelt Byrd
Libby Cagle and Lauren Taft   
Anne and Tom Conner
Flo Crady
John W. Crain
Julie and Markley Crosswell
Rowena Dasch
Janie and Dick DeGuerin             
Laura Dillingham
Jancy and Don Ervin
Leon Hale
Ken Hafertepe
Kay and Charlie Handley
Carolyn and Matt Henneman
Beverly and Tommy Jacomini

James C. Kearney
Sherry Kempner
Kate Kirkland
Linda and Gil Lamb
Harriet Latimer
Angelia Perez Marquez
Kathy and Harry Masterson
Libbie Masterson                       
Lee McMurtry
Ruth Meier
Charlotte Meyer
Barry Moore
Ken Page
Cinda and Armando Palacios
Kate and David Searls
Tye and Philip Taft                        
Karen Vernon
David B. Warren
William C. Welch

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